Celebrating the Winter Gardens

Hi there,

To keep our campaign going to get the Winter Gardens restored we are asking supporters to send us photos of their celebrations at the Winter Gardens. Please send us photos and a few lines of text of your celebrations at the Winter Gardens. It maybe a wedding; attending a concert; a school outing or just having a day out with family and friends at the Winter Gardens. Please send to mail@friendsofppwggg.org.uk

Once we have received a good few contributions we will set up a gallery on our website. looking forward to seeing your happy events.

We are starting with a Whistlebinkies concert in the 1980’s – Whistlebinkies in the Mist

The mist was created by Des McGuire’s smoke machine which enveloped the People’s Palace stage during Mayfest 1984. The Whistlebinkies L-R: Peter Anderson, Eddie McGuire, Rab Wallace, Mark Hayward, Stuart Eydmann, Mick Broderick.







Photos from the Tryst folk festival in 1986 showing Eddie McGuire conducting The Whistlebinkies & guests, rehearsing his new piece The Piper’s Return in the Winter Gardens.

Here’s another one from that day (Mayfest rehearsal 14th May 1986) left to right Eddie McGuire (composer), Ninian Perry (bass), Mary Ann Kennedy (harp), Rab Wallace (lowland pipes), Martin Hughes (bombarde), George MacIlwham (highland pipes), Judith Peacock (clarsach)

Photos courtesy of Anthony Brannan; Anthony Brannan Photography.

Info from Ruth Gillett