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Our Vision – Winter Gardens Survey

We are gathering supporters’ views on planting and plant-related activities that could be included in the restored Winter Gardens. Information from our survey will be used in discussions with Glasgow Life during the development stage of the refurbishment of the People’s Palace and Winter Gardens. Please fill-in our survey online via Google Forms.

On Peoples’ Palaces by Hailey Maxwell

On Peoples’ Palaces by Hailey Maxwell TheDrouth     Having quietly endured almost twenty years of managed decline, writes Hailey Maxwell, it is crucial that we consider the possibility that the Peoples’ Palace on Glasgow Green – a valuable civic asset and monument to Scottish history and working-class life may presently be at real risk …

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Winter Gardens event, January 1989

As reported by Angus Calder in the London Review of Books Just seventy years after Friday, 31 January 1919, when troops and tanks stood by to quell a mass rally, in Glasgow’s George Square, of West of Scotland workers campaigning for a forty-hour week, the event was remembered in the People’s Palace, the museum of …

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