People’s Palace Re-opens (partially) Winter Gardens remain closed

On the 23rd February the People’s Palace partially re-opened. We were there to see it open and to welcome visitors.  It was heartening to see a primary school party, the City Tour bus and families on mid-term holiday as some of the many visitors to the Palace that morning.  

The People’s Palace is not fully re-opened and we have been told that repair work to the top floor has still to be completed.

Sadly the Winter Gardens remains closed with a plan for its refurbishment still to be identified by the City Council & Glasgow Life. This is totally unacceptable and our campaign continues until the People’s Palace is fully re-opened and the Winter Gardens restored. 

We ask everyone to:

  • Write to your  local councillors and MSP asking them what they are doing to support the People’s Palace fully re-open  and restoring the Winter Gardens.
  • Join our organisation and support our campaign
  • Sign our on-line petition

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