Winter Gardens Update – The STV coverage has raised a number of questions for us.

We were recently  interviewed as part of  STV’s news article on campaigns to save Glasgow’s Glasshouses. As part of the news article a Council Spokesperson said that the sum of money needed to restore the Winter Gardens and People’s Palace was £36million. This was news to us! Where did this figure come from? We are trying to find out more…

Here is what we know:

  • We have had one encouraging meeting with Glasgow Life in April. At this meeting we asked them how much was required to restore the Winter Gardens. They did not have an exact figure.
  • Glasgow Life has now taken over the management of the Winter Gardens while Glasgow City Council retain ownership.
  • The Glasgow People own the PP&WG. Opened by Lord Rosebury in 1898 to the people of Glasgow “for ever and ever”.
  • Glasgow Life intend to submit funding bids in Sept 2023
  • The Restoration of the PP&WG is in the Glasgow City Council’s Strategic Plan 2022-27. The Plan sets out four Grand Challenges for the Council to deliver against. Within Grand Challenge one – Reduce poverty and inequality in our communities Mission 4: Support Glasgow to be a city that is active and culturally vibrant Commitment no 13 is to “Secure investment for the People’s Palace and Winter Gardens”.

Strategic Plan – Glasgow City Council

  • GCC has set aside £2.9million from the 2023 budget towards the Winter Gardens
  • Glasgow Life have now confirmed that they will be looking for £30+ million.
  • We are corresponding with MSPs & Glasgow City Councillors from all parties as we believe that it is a cross party issue.
  • The Winter Gardens contributes to several Council’s policies including its Biodiversity Action Plan


Here’s what we do not know:

  • Where the Council spokesperson, in the STV news article, came up with the figure of £36million?
  • The breakdown of the costs of £36million. Has a feasibility study been carried out? And if so, by whom?
  • What funding bids Glasgow Life is preparing?
  • How will Glasgow Life use the New Practice Consultation Report?
  • Glasgow Life’s plans for the Winter Gardens?


Opportunities for the Winter Gardens:

The opportunities are wide-ranging and should be fully investigated, some ideas are outlined below, and we are sure that there will be many more.

  • The seventy thousand plus people who have signed the petition want to see the Winter Gardens restored with plants and as a community resource, the “palm court orchestra “atmosphere of the WG. The need for planting and the importance of the WG to the people of the East End and beyond Petition · Save the People’s Palace and Winter Gardens for the City of Glasgow ·
  • The Winter Gardens has a vital role to play in serving the local community. It was and should be again a versatile and beautiful space, promoting well-being for all who spend time there, planting a vital part of creating this tranquil atmosphere.
  • The Winter Gardens provided an opportunity to promote education on biodiversity and climate change in so many ways: working with children on nature projects; working with universities on research projects; and so much more.
  • The Winter Gardens was an extremely attractive venue for weddings, concerts, events, and functions and this could be widened to help create a sustainable facility.
  • The Winter Gardens could also be a hub serving wider climate change activity within Glasgow Green. 


What you can do:

 We ask that all our supporters contact their local councillors, their MPS and their MPs to urge them to support the request for funding the restoration of the Winter Gardens

Councillors and Committees – Glasgow City Council

Current and previous Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) | Scottish Parliament Website

Contact your MP – UK Parliament