360 View – Peoples Palace SECOND FLOOR – Glasgow Green

Guy Aldred and his Granddaughter plus comments about him on the green.

People Making Glasgow
The Drying Green on Templeton Street, a right of Freemen of the City.

Audio – Guy Aldred and his Granddaughter plus comments about him on the green.



Get out your VR Headset or Give Your Oculus to a Granny or Grandad !!! Virtual View of the Peoples Palace on Glasgow Green, Use the WASD Keys or mouse / touch screen to look around the exhibits, Video by The Radical Imagination Project… http://thesocialenergycollective.org/

Glasgow Lost

On the 1st of April 2007, the mangement of Glasgow’s common goods assets was transfered to a private charitable company. This is a selection of what the people of Glasgow lost…glasgowLOST.org website to follow soon.

On Peoples’ Palaces by Hailey Maxwell

On Peoples’ Palaces
by Hailey Maxwell


Winter Gardens event, January 1989

As reported by Angus Calder in the London Review of Books
Just seventy years after Friday, 31 January 1919, when troops and tanks stood by to quell a mass rally, in Glasgow’s George Square, of West of Scotland workers campaigning for a forty-hour week, the event was remembered in the People’s Palace, the museum of labour history on Glasgow Green.

A bronze bust of Willie Gallacher by Ian Walters was not so much unveiled as proclaimed. It sits at the top of the building, in the room where Ken Currie’s controversial Rivera-style murals of working-class history can be seen around the ceiling: but the speeches were made in the Winter Garden downstairs, where heavy rain dripping through the glass roof and a chill which gnawed one’s bowels did not dismay the two hundred people who had gathered to honour the man who from 1935 to 1950 was Honourable Member for West Fife (Comm.), and an activist long before that on the Clyde Workers Committee. Continue reading

Messages on our birthday

People’s Palace 122nd birthday, 22 January 2020
Messages from people who could not be with us:
From actor John Cairney and his wife Alannah O’Sullivan. Both were very active in the 1990 campaign to help the People’s Palace.

Unfortunately, Alannah and I can’t be with you.
We genuinely wish you and all at the People’s Palace a deserving 122nd Happy Anniversary! The People’s Palace for me growing up nearby in the East End made it a very special place indeed, and I was grateful for it. It still belongs to the People of Glasgow as it speaks for all of us, not only by its longevity and continued credibility, but for fully representing the beating heart of the city.
John Cairney

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Annual General Meeting

Palace’s Birthday

To mark the 122nd anniversary of the opening of the People’s Palace/Winter Gardens, the Friends of the People’s Palace, Winter Gardens and Glasgow Green will be holding a commemoration event this Wednesday:

People's Palace postcard

11.00am to midday, Wednesday, 22nd January 2020,
at the People’s Palace, Glasgow Green.

There will be a designer-cake for the event, plus music and short contributions from speakers. If you’re free, please come along.

Keep an eye out for further details on our Facebook page:

Seven facts about Glasgow Green

Glasgow Green was featured in this great article on ‘Glasgow Live’ on 30/11/19.

They list seven intriguing facts you might not know about the 146 acre public space next to the River Clyde, which attracts around 2 million visitors per year, and has played host to some of the most important historical events in Glasgow.