Our Giant Yellow Ribbon round the People’s Palace and Winter Gardens

We unveiled our giant yellow ribbon and wrapped it round the People’s Palace and Winter Gardens to coincide with the COP26 Climate demo on the 6th November 2021.  We wanted to show to the world that our beloved People’s Palace and Winter Gardens are closed and the public locked out.

The 200metres of yellow wrap makes it the biggest and most comprehensive artistic response known, to the closure of a museum anywhere!

The combination of the history of the buildings with the public’s reasons for wanting it to remain open, all depicted in one place on the building itself. 

Using the council’s fence, which they erected as a barrier to keep us out and stop us seeing what is happening to the Winter Gardens and spinned this around by making the fence a platform for our public protest.

Each banner is 25mx90cms with a total of 75metres. Plus 2 small banners at 12.5m x 90cms with a total of 25metres. Plus 50metres of “Environmental Crime Scene” ribbon.

Jon us in our fight to get the Winter Gardens restored and the People’s Palace reopened.

You can add your weight to our campaign by writing to you City Councillor or your MSP asking them to state their position on the People’s Palace and Winter Gardens.

See fantastic pictures of our banner below in our photo gallery

A huge thank you to our most talented artist for interpreting our concerns in this very visual protest.