Global Day for Climate Justice Saturday 6th Nov. Glasgow

Join us at the People’s Palace & Winter Gardens on Glasgow Green to witness the real neglect of  one of Glasgow’s precious civic assets. The picture below illustrates just how much devastation has been done to the Winter Gardens by the Glasgow City Council and their arms length company ” Glasgow Life”. 

The opportunity to showcase our fantastic Winter Gardens during the COP26 summit has been lost.  The Winter Gardens could contribute to tackling Climate Change in so many ways. None more so than by providing a warm tranquil space for many Glaswegians and visitors during cold winter months. In addition it has often been said that the Winter Gardens are a world-class sized greenhouse, what better space to display exotic plants from around the world providing opportunities for adults and children alike to learn about plant species that could contribute to protecting the planet and by creating opportunities for climate change research and education.

There is also an opportunity for the City Council to develop the Winter Gardens as a hub in the city creating an innovative space contributing to the development of socially progressive urban ecology. It is shameful to see all the beautiful plants and trees wither away and that this opportunity is now lost.

The Friends of the People’s Palace, Winter gardens and Glasgow Green was formed in 2018 to care, renew and advocate for the People’s Palace, Winter Gardens and Glasgow Green following the closure by the City Council of the winter Gardens in December 2018 as “unsafe”.  With the Winter Garden’s glazing system redone in 1998 and having a 20year life span, the Glasgow City Council had plenty of foreknowledge  regarding the future maintenance required… instead they closed the building and destroyed the plants. 

We will continue to fight for the restoration and renewal of the People’s Palace and Winter Gardens which is so essential to the health, cultural identity and well-being of every Glaswegian and, of course, visitors to our city.

Join us on Saturday 6th November 2021, when we will be tying a yellow ribbon around the Winter gardens showing its past, present and future potential.