Glasgow Green Timeline

13 January, Feast of St Mungo, patron saint of Glasgow who first named the settlement Glas Chu, ‘the dear Green place’.

17 January, birthday of Matt McGinn of the Calton (1928-1977) whose ashes rest in the Winter Gardens

19 January 1736 Birthday of James Watt

22 January (1898) opening of the People’s Palace ‘for ever and ever’.

17 March, Feast of St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. People went to Flesher’s Haugh to gather shamrock.

4 April 1817 Birthday of Hugh Macdonald (1817 – 1860), author of Rambles Round Glasgow; monument on the Green Continue reading

Glasgow Green in the News

A look at coverage of the Green in the news archives, from 1853 to 1899

Glasgow Constitutional 16 July 1853 Glasgow Fair on Glasgow Green

Hylton’s Royal Menagerie, Glasgow Fair. 10am – 10pm. Lions, tigers, leopards, panthers, hyenas and howling wolves, with birds,beasts and monsters of the deep. + brass band. Pro bono publico

Paisley Herald 27 March 1858 Glasgow Green in Danger

Letter from IRLG against coal mining on the Green. ‘The old Unreformed Town Council would have been ashamed to have anything to do with such a job….the present Council…the only one in the kingdom capable of perpetrating such a barbarism as wilfully spoiling a public park, and that park the ancient Green of Glasgow, used by our forefathers for ages back.’ Continue reading

Glasgow Green Film Night

7pm, Thursday 7 November 2019

The Washing Green near Templeton’s Carpet Factory c1950

Glasgow Green is Scotland’s oldest public park and not surprisingly, there are many songs, poems and stories about it.

On this special evening, we will be looking at films supplied by the National Library of Scotland’s Moving Image Archive at the Kelvin Hall. These include two full- length short films: From Glasgow Green to Bendigo (1961, on the world-wide operation of Templeton Carpets) and The Green of Glasgow (1962, produced for the Schools Museum Service and used as a teaching aid on the history of the Green up until the 1990s.)

Admission is free, so bring your popcorn and enjoy a great Glasgow night out!

Duration: 90 minutes

A Friends of the People’s Palace, Winter Gardens and Glasgow Green event

Venue: Calton Heritage and Learning Centre 423 London Road, Glasgow, G40 1AG

7pm, Thursday 7 November 2019

Meeting – October 2019

The next meeting of the Friends of the People’s Palace, Winter Gardens and Glasgow Green will take place at 6.30pm on Thursday 24th October 2019 at Calton Heritage, 423 London Road, Glasgow.

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